What is Weddings by Popular Demand

Weddings by Popular Demand is the business name I launched into the world of celebrant-ing with. A few years on people tend to just refer to me as ‘that Quirky Celebrant’, ‘THE Celebrant’ or ‘the Shit Lady’ (my fav, ask me about it sometime). Officially WbPD is the name of the biz still but I’m happy to just go by Alana Salm.

WbPD can be a whole lot more than awesome weddings. I thought about buying the domain name  www.weddingspartiesanythingbypopulardemand.com but WPAbPD looked too much like a dodgy food additive mentioned on the back of a totally delicious sugar drink my kids are always begging me for.

I’m all about relaxed, personal and meaningful wedding ceremonies. I want to get to know who you two are as a couple and present your brand of love your way.

All the time I hear couples say ‘we just want a simple / quick ceremony so that we can get to the fun stuff at the reception quicker’. And I think to myself, ‘those poor loves have only been to rubbish ceremonies!’. I see no reason why a ceremony shouldn’t be a celebration too!

I want your wedding to be one of the most memorable days in not just your life, but your guests too. That’s why I go out of my way to create an upbeat vibe from the absolute get go. When people are smiling and enjoying themselves they aren’t keeping an eye on the clock. And when ceremonies are packed with the couple’s own stories, personalities and fun facts believe me, they won’t be wishing the ceremony to end either!

What I  can offer you for your one-off, one of a kind day is only limited by your ability to think out of the box.

It’s probably easier to say what you won’t get from me as a celebrant.

You won’t get unnecessary puke worthy fluff.

You won’t receive any closed minded views towards non traditional family units. I believe that all couples deserve the right to be formally recognised and enjoy awkward family Christmas lunches where your version of grannies plum pudding will be judged by the in-laws.

There will be no novelty feather or fluffy pens (unless I happen to find some cracker biros that are totally hilarious and completely fitting for your occasion). 

My appearance will not be daggy, nor will I be wearing boring beige suits. I will do my best to fit in with your dress theme.

I will never be available to perform marriages on top of the Story Bridge, strapped to small aircraft or while bungee jumping. However will happily consider enquires